Despite June being a vacation period, 40 people turned out at the meeting held in Bayview Hotel on 15 June 2012.  We had 4 guests plus 2 visiting magicians: Magic Fukai from Japan and Tito Cris from the Philippines.


The theme was “No Cards and No Coins”.  After a brief introduction from all our guests, the magic session started with Charles Choo who visually shrunk a safety pin to half its size and then handed it out for examination.  Chew Liang Huat showed 6 dice that fitted nicely inside a box.  By covering the box and shaking the dice inside, he could make them all turn to any number (facing up) nominated by the audience.


Nique Tan played with the emotions of a spectator.  He wrote 5 different emotions on 5 cards nominated by the spectator, only to find that he had already written in advance the very same emotion on the back of the cards.  Next, he demonstrated an effective centre tear.  He was able to tell the name of a road and the name of an MRT station written on 2 separate billets.


It was time for Teach-In by Jeremy Pei.  According to the Ring’s policy, the 4 guests had to leave the room while this session took place.  A linking and unlinking Chinese wrist beads was most impressive, especially when it was done impromptu and without any gimmicks.  Jeremy then taught 2 routines from his popular Powerful Rope Magic DVD.  In Hyper Knot, a knot appeared on a rope, slid off the rope and reappeared on it.  It magically jumped onto another different colour rope and fused into it.  In Linked, 3 different colour ropes were tied into 3 loops.  The 3 loops then linked and unlinked in mysterious ways.  All 3 props were available for sale.


A 15 minutes break followed in which members had snacks and coffee, patronized 3 dealer booths manned by Jeremy Pei, Jeremy Tan & Fukai and Joel Tay, and also fellowshipped with one another.


After the break, President John Teo presented the Ring’s bannerette and 50th Anniversary magazine to Tito Cris from Philippines.  Tito then invited all of us to the 9th AMA Magic Convention to be held later this year in Davao City in his country.


New comer Joseph Loh took his Induction Test.  His repertoire consisted of a series of impromptu illusions such as finger stretchings and manipulations, thumb through ear, crazy man’s handcuffs, and ring through rubber bands.  With a deck of cards and a spectator, he helped 2 Queens to find her 2 mates (Kings), predicted a chosen card and caused one card to rise to the top of the deck.  He closed with a Chinese and American coins transposition.


Jeremy Pei took over the floor once again.  This time he spoke about the 2 magic courses he was going to conduct to improve the standard of Singaporean magicians.  These courses are endorsed by Ring 115.  As an opening gift, Jeremy offered free membership for the month of June.

Fukai showed us how, with a deck of cards, he could perform stage magic.  4 cards were chosen, and he revealed each one in a magical and comedy way, using a lighter, card, silk and top hat.


Wee Kien Meng designed a subliminal card such that only the audience could identify the name of a card chosen by a spectator.  Guest Chew Kai Wei performed an interesting version of Optical Optics using 3 different lengths of ropes.


Vice-President Enrico Varella vanished an entire box full of cigarettes.  He then successfully divined one out of several words mentally selected by a spectator.  Huang Fu Qiang floated his own finger ring and then vanished it.


Victor Heng and Tan Jui Kuan were the co-ordinators for the evening, and they took turns to MC.


Even when the meeting was officially over, many members stayed back to patronize the dealer’s booths and discussed magic with one another.



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