This effect is unique in that it uses baby play-toys – a rattle and a squeeze ball. The unusual props immediately catch the attention of the audience and they open up to all sorts of interesting patter.


The best way of performing this trick is the one presented by Daryl in his promo-video.


When asked how long he has been practicing magic, the performer replies that it was when he was a baby! He then shows how he used to shake the rattle and squeeze the ball to make noises come out from these two toys. When asked to be quiet by his parents, the baby caused the sounds to vanish from the two toys. The rattle no longer made noise when shaken, and the ball no longer produced noise when squeezed. When the parents were away, the baby caused the noises to return to the two toys. Unfortunately, he made the noises return to the wrong toys. The rattle now squeaks when squeezed and the ball rattles when shaken!


This is a hilarious and unusual routine for any audience.


You receive the two toys, a baby blanket bag to store the two toys in, and the necessary gimmicks to make the trick work. The handling is easy and the trick can be performed surrounded with audience.


This is a hit from Daryl! (5/5 stars rating)