President John Teo and Kenneth Chia hosted the evening’s programme themed “Teach A Trick”. 37 members/magicians turned up. The organisers of the Yellow Ribbon Run project announced that this year’s event would be held on 16 September 2012 at 7.45 am. IBM Ring 115 magicians who have been supporting this event since 2009 were invited to lend their support through their walk-around magic once again. Those interested could obtain more information from the event website and sign up through JK Tan.


Kenneth Chia next announced that the 9th AMA Convention would be held from 14 to 17 September 2012 at Davao City, Phillippines. Those interested could sign up with Kenneth for the Convention but book their own flight tickets.


Kenneth also informed that $800 was raised for ex-member Tang Yeng Fun’s family from the sale of his magic items.


Bernard Sim announced that JC Sum and Ning would be performing at the Superstars of Magic at Genting Highlands which would also include a lecture by Charlie Frye. Tickets were priced at 160 ringgit or higher


JK Tan next called for volunteers to perform at the “Food from the Heart” event to be held on 9 September 2012 at Yishun Safra.


Finally, John Teo invited all present to visit the four booths manned by Jeremy Pei, Bernard Sim, Peter Tan, and Gician Tan (for ex-member Tang Yeng Fun) respectively.


With the announcements out of the way, Chew Liang Huat began the evening’s first teach-a-trick. He shared 3 impromptu and effective tricks using simply the humble rubber band and a finger ring.


Patron Gician Tan showed how a ‘shoe lace’ could be made to appear like it went through a ring. He showed his version of forcing a card and how to move a card from the bottom of a deck to the top with the ‘visible-invisible palm’.


Pambudi showed how he presented a book prediction utilising a German, French and English language book. He explained how a randomly selected number by an audience member when counted off a deck of cards, would produce a card that matched a prediction card.


Bernard Sim demonstrated and taught the subtle and big moves in successful dice-stacking.


After the break, the meeting resumed at 9.45 pm with newcomer Max Low taking his induction test. He performed a cinch bill change, ignition-key through bill, Dan Harlan’s ‘On your mark’ and ‘Glass backwards’ as well as Cameron Francis’ ‘Ace Thang’ and ‘Sly Cheese’.


President John Teo demonstrated one of his favourite effects, the ‘Acrobatic Fish Plus’ on Jeremy Pei’s behalf. Somehow, the fish in the 3rd position not only mysteriously switched to the middle position, at the climax, 2 other fishes visually appeared at the end of the other 2 lines.


Bosco Francis produced a prediction card (Ten of Diamonds) when he arranged 10 randomly selected cards together.


JK Tan shared a trick involving a rope through a ring and the illusion of a knotted ring becoming free.


Satish Kumar produced a Five of Diamonds from a seemingly topsy-turvy deck based on ‘Play It Straight’ by John Banner


Nique Tan demonstrated ‘Transplant’ by John Carney where he transplanted a missing pip onto a supposedly Four of Diamonds card, to match the prediction. He showed how he used a Svengali deck in ‘Any Card, Any Number’.


Jeremy Pei rounded up the evening ‘s programme with a demonstration of Dice Bomb, and taught how a Rubik’s Cube could be twisted in a few seconds to match an audience member’s cube combination, and a new special mis-made wooden blocks mini-illusion.


The meeting adjourned at 11 pm after an interesting evening of tricks and treats (at the booths).




Reported by:

Low Hwee Lang