Luca Volpe is an Italian magician and mentalist.In this DVD, he shares 5 mental effects.


The DVD was shot onboard a ship (cruise?).  It was well produced, and the audio and video qualities were good.  However, I had problems with maneuvering around in the menu.


Luca’s mental tricks are easy to do.  They use ordinary objects, have great effects, but do require good audience management.  If you have no problems with the latter, you will enjoy all the 5 effects in the DVD.


The Vision – this is the easiest trick to perform in the DVD.  It is a close-up version of the Horus Eye described in one of his books.  A playing card is freely chosen and its identity is revealed in an interesting manner through a drawing of the Horus Eye.


The Connection – this is a drawing duplication done with ordinary pads, one for the performer and one for the spectator.  The props can be put together for less than $5.  It is straight-forward in its presentation and has a great effect on the audience.


The Experience – this looks like real mind reading.  A spectator is asked to merely think of a memorable experience in the past.  The performer proceeds to describe details about the event, and even names the spectator’s partner!  It is easy to do but requires good presentation skills.


The Hallucination (ACAAN) – a straight-forward presentation of ACAAN, but with a surprise twist at the end.  A card and a number are freely called out by a spectator.  Using a deck of cards which is on the table all the time, the performer deals to the named number and finds the named card there!  Immediately after this, all the cards in the deck become blank, including the named card which the spectator saw a moment ago!  A magic trick turns into a psychological experience!


The Call – a long distance trick performed through the telephone using a brilliant method.  Luca uses it to get bookings!  A potential client opens a brand new deck of cards, mixes the cards and freely deals to a certain card.  All this is done through the mobile phones.  The performer sends a drawing across and it gives the identity of the dealt-to card!

Great effects that require good presentational skills.  (4.5/5 stars rating)