The February meeting scheduled on the 15th was changed to 19th February because of the Lunar New Year celebration. It was held at the Emerald Function Room of the Bayview Hotel.


Altogether, there were 32 attendees, including a patron and one associate member. The first half of the evening was the conduct of the 62nd AGM. The following were elected:

President: John Teo

Vice-President: Enrico Varella

Hon Secretary: Tan Jui Kuan

Asst Secretary: Alvin Terence Tan

Hon Treasurer: Betsy Teo

Asst Treasurer: Victor Heng

Committee Members: Satish Kumar, Bernard Sim, Kenneth Chia, Jeremy Tan and Derek Lee.


A lucky draw, in the form of 5 new magical items, was conducted for early comers.


During the break, 3 plates of Yu Sheng were served to celebrate the Lunar New Year, in addition to snacks and coffee and tea. Members fellowshipped with one another as well as patronised the magic booth manned by Jeremy Pei.


After the break, magician of the month, Jeremy Tan, performed and explained some of the effects, like a mini lecture. His repertoire consisted of effects he performed in his professional shows: chop cup routine with the production of 2 small oranges, coin vanishes and appearances with a spectator, repeat signed card to wallet routine, and name of chosen card appearing on name tag.


Next, newly elected Vice-President Enrico Varella performed Paul Lelekis’ “Oil and New Water” card effect.


Nique Tan did an effortless but effective 3 fly routine. This was followed by an interesting metal effect with a deck of cards. Although the deck was continually shuffled and mixed by a spectator, Nique was able to divine the number of cards mixed faced up, and also memorised the exact positions of almost half of the deck of cards. He closed with what seemed like genuine mind-reading when he revealed the thought of the spectator.


Hayashi Takuya did a multi-knot on rope routine to background music.


Jeremy Pei got 4 people on stage and gave each of them an ang-pow. Although they could exchange their ang-pows with him, he eventually ended up with an ang-pow full of money while each of the 4 people got a new year greeting in their ang-pows. He performed a sucker colour changing silk effect where the red and white silks blended into a stripe silk. He ended with his own multi-phase rope routine.


Reported by:

(Ms) Low Hwee Lang & John Teo