Haim Goldenberg is an Israeli living in Canada and works there as a mentalist.  My first encounter of him was in a 3-set DVD entitled “Between 2 Minds”.  I found all his effects to be cleverly conceived.  Therefore, I had high hopes of his “Expert Deck”, which is being promoted as “the effect so clean it seems impossible!”


In effect, a spectator chooses a card and loses it into the deck.  The card is not forced and the deck can be shuffled by the spectator many times.  Yet the performer is able to divine the exact location of the selected card.  When the spectator deals the cards to this location stated by the performer, her chosen card is found there.  The deck can be examined and no one is the wiser.


The descriptions are all true.  The secret depends on the construction of the deck and some practice.  The practice part can be mastered quite easily and you will be surprised how short a period it takes you to master it.  Unfortunately, I had trouble with the deck –   I had difficulty locating the position of the chosen card.  I want to think that the deck I got happened to be a poorly prepared one.  If all the deck were prepared this way, it will be difficult to discern the selected card and this product is not recommended at all.  If all the other decks are prepared correctly, you will have a powerful deck that enables you to locate the position of a chosen card and yet the deck can be fully examined.  This is the reason for my borderline rating.  (2.5/5 star rating)