This effect got its title from a trick called “Knockout Prediction” described in Eddie Fletcher’s book “Magician Nightly”, written by Jerry Mentzer in the 1970’s.  This is the “outdone” version of the trick in the sense that it is almost self-working, and the deck of cards is reset each time after performance.  This makes it ideal for work-around performances.


It is not a complete card routine.  Rather, it is a technique or device that enables you as the performer to cut to any of several cards cut to by a spectator in a separate deck of cards.


In effect, the performer has a deck of cards, say, red backs, and the spectator is given a blue back deck of cards. The spectator can examine and shuffle her deck all she wants.  She then cuts to a random card.  The performer is able to cut to the exact same card in his own deck of cards, or spell to this card, or make the card turn over face upwards, or appear at any part of his deck.  This can be repeated several times.  Each time, the spectator gets to shuffle her deck thoroughly, and a different card is cut to.  The performer can even name the card cut to, before revealing both his and the spectator’s cards!  All this can be achieved with hardly any sleight-of-hand or gimmicked cards.


As mentioned earlier, you are merely taught the technique – how you reveal the cut-to card depends on you and the situation at hand.


You are supplied with 2 decks of ungimmicked bicycle cards, one red and one blue back.  You are also supplied with an instructional DVD that teaches you what to do with the cards in each deck to enable you to perform this impossible looking trick.  Since the 2 decks of cards are not gimmicked, there is the question of whether they should be included with the DVD, and cause the high price (and especially the cost of shipping overseas increases substantially by the weight of the 2 deck of cards).  Because of this, it gets a lower overall rating.  (4/5 stars rating).