This is a presentation of an ACAAN effect for a corporate show.


It is based on the popular TV reality show “The Apprentice”.  The entire audience is asked to stand up.  They represent the apprentices.  The Boss is called on stage and a deck of cards is shown to be shuffled and mixed up.  It is slipped back into the card case and the cased deck is placed into the Boss’ pocket.  A prediction envelope is placed conspicuously to one side.


The Boss then starts to “fire” the apprentices in an amusing manner.  “All who wear brown shoes are fired!”  Those with brown shoes are asked to sit down.  More criteria are stated and more apprentices fired!  Eventually, only one person remains standing.  The Boss has found his Apprentice!  Everyone has to agree this is a most random way of finding an assistant.  This Apprentice is asked to name any number from 1 to 52.


The cased deck is retrieved from the Boss’ pocket.  The Boss himself counts down to the named number.  The card at this number magically matches the prediction in the envelope!  The deck can be shown to be mixed up with different cards both before and after the selection of the named card.


The presentation is topical for corporate shows.  Even if you do not do shows for companies, this method of choosing an assistant seems fair, amusing, and involves a lot of audience participations.  Simply do not refer to the audience as apprentices.


The ACAAN is one that is most direct and clean.  The spectator himself counts to the number.  The cards can be shown to be different and mixed both before and after the selection.


You are supplied with a special deck that enables you to perform the ACAAN, and a booklet of instructions and presentation ideas.  (5/5 stars rating).