This is a lovely effect to perform for a lady spectator.

The performer approaches a lady and shows her a small packet of cards with photographs and names of various flowers.  He writes a prediction on a napkin and places it to one side with the prediction hidden from sight.

The spectator chooses a flower at random.  The prediction on the napkin is revealed to be correct.  The performer then twists the napkin into a simple representation of a flower, and asks the lady spectator to smell it.  She smells the fragrance of her chosen flower from the folded napkin!

This is a novel revelation of a chosen card from a small packet of cards.  Instead of playing cards, they are photographs of various flowers, and this appeals to a lady.  The flowers can be show to be different on each card.  Not only does the spectator get to see the prediction, she can also feel the napkin “flower” and smell the fragrance!

You receive everything necessary to perform the effect.  You are provided with the scent disposing system and are taught how to replenish it.  You are also provided with a small drawstring bag, but I do not see how this can be utilised in the performance, as the props (photographs of flowers) do not need to be placed in a carrying bag.  Use this bag for your other effects.

Other ideas, such as the magical production of an actual stalk of the chosen flower, are given.  It is a good effect to perform for a couple or a wedding ceremony.  (4.5/5 stars rating)