This is a standard magician’s utility prop that allows you to vanish a coin or any small item placed on your palm by simply passing your other hand over it.  Both hands can then be immediately shown empty.

This particular prop has a built-in advantage of preventing possible “talking” of the items to be vanished.  However, because of the material used in this device, it can vanish only certain types of coins or items.

The prop also comes with a bonus effect.  You can suspend a small metal ring underneath another ring, and the suspended ring can be spun around without dropping off.

You are supplied with the device plus the 2 metal rings.  The instructions are nicely printed on both sides of an A3 piece of paper.  They are clearly written, and illustrated with coloured photographs.  They also teach how to transform a coin into a different one.


This is an utility device, well made, and any magician should own one – you will never know when you need to use it.  (4.5/5 stars rating)