On the evening of 15 December 2013, instead of our usual monthly magic meeting, we were all treated to a lecture on mentalism by Christopher Bolter.  It was like Christmas coming early for us members as we did not have to pay for the lecture.  Non Ring 115 participants had to pay the usual lecture fee.  Altogether, 40 people turned up at the usual function room of Bayview Hotel at Bencoolen Street.  Chris Bolter hailed from Boston, USA – he was on his last leg of his international tour, and was in Singapore for one month performing corporate shows.


After a brief introduction, Chris commenced with an interesting revelation of 3 playing cards chosen by 3 spectators using a random number named by a fourth spectator.  Chris used a combination of several well-known principles of magic to accomplish this effect.


Next was his presentation of a 4 x 4 magic square.  Chris used his popular Vision Wallet to secretly obtain a number written by a spectator.  His construction of the magic square was fast.  And his magic square could produce all sorts of combination of 4 squares that added up to the total generated by the spectator’s number.


A pile of cards was mixed face-up and face-down by a spectator.  Chris divided the cards into 2 smaller piles.  Magically, the cards from both piles matched in terms of cards facing-up and down.


Chris performed his variation of “10 Card Poker” from a shuffled deck of cards.  Chris explained his 10-card switch.  In this game of 5-card poker, the spectator was not able to beat Chris in any round of play even though he mixed the cards each time.


Next, 3 spectators were each invited to draw a picture on a piece of paper while Chris was blindfolded with generous lengths of duct tape to secure the coins placed over his eyes.  Despite being ‘blind’, he was spot-on in describing and duplicating the artwork of each guest!


A 15 minutes break with snacks and drinks also allowed members to discuss magic with Chris Bolter.


After the interval, 3 spectators were invited and each picked a coin randomly and held it tightly in their fist.  Chris was able to correctly point out the person holding the only British coin.


In ‘Unusual Perception’, a spectator randomly selected 3 cards from a deck of faced-down cards, but Chris managed to predict them.


A spectator offered his $50 bill in Chris’ next trick and to the audience’s astonishment, the printed serial number in his bill had already been predicted by Chris as he unveiled a piece of paper to reveal the number he had written earlier.


In his finale, Chris did his Questions and Answers routine.  All members in the audience were invited to participate by writing a question, followed by an answer and their name on a small piece of paper which was then folded into four.  All the pieces of folded paper were gathered into a basket from which Chris would randomly pick up a piece and without unfolding it, he correctly identified the person who wrote the question, his question and the answer given.  He went on to make correct predictions with a few more pieces of folded paper from the basket!


With that, the evening’s lecture peppered with light-hearted humour drew to a close.