The evening’s programme, attended by 35 members, was hosted by John Teo and JK Tan.   Guests for the evening included Ng Seow Kiat (Ex-Vice-President of Ring 115, now residing in Sydney), Billy Scadlock (with a remaining 6-month work contract at Universal Studios), Jean-Christophe (from Sydney) and Allen Day (from Los Angeles).

Bernard Sim announced that the next club retreat would be held on 17th and 18th May 2014 at Kukup. The cost, expected to be under $100, would include a night’s accommodation, transportations, 2 restaurant lunches and a barbecue dinner. All interested were advised to sign up early with him.

Jeremy Tan invited interested members to a lecture by Guy Bavli on 18th March 2014 from 7 to 10 pm at block 371, Bukit Batok St 31, #02-332, at a cost of $30 each.

John Teo explained that the evening was themed ‘Tribute to Aldo Colombini’, to remember one of the world’s most creative, versatile, and entertaining magicians who had sadly passed on unexpectedly on 12th February 2014. He shared snippets of his memorable encounters with the great man and magician. A few other members also shared how he had touched their lives with his unique brand of magic, comedy and Italian charm.

John Teo led the evening’s performances with his own rendition of Aldo Colombini’s ‘Ringing Around’. This is a 4-phase ring through rope routine. He then performed Aldo’s ‘The Great Race’ using a deck of cards. 3 spectators each chose a different suit, leaving the last suit to himself. The 4 of them were involved in a race to reach a winning point. Cards were individually turned face upwards from the top of the deck. Each one moved one step forward towards the goal when the card turned face upwards showed his suit. As it turned out, John won the race. This was repeated with a different suit chosen for John. Yet he won the race. Finally, another spectator took his place in the race. This time, John was able to predict not only which suit won, but also the actual card that caused the suit to cross over the winning line! An interesting effect with a lot of audience’s participation.

Chew Liang Huat got a spectator to help him. He showed a prediction to the audience but not to the spectator – it was the 5H. Liang Huat displayed half a dozen playing cards – unknown to the spectator all these cards were the 5H! The spectator chose one of these cards. Instead of 5H, it turned out to be 3D! All went well when the performer showed the prediction – instead of 5H, it also changed into the 3D!

Tommy Chiang commenced with a cut and restored rope. He showed 5 red cards which changed into 4 black cards and 1 red card. He removed a black card and added a red one. His next count showed there were only 4 cards left – 3 black cards and 1 red. This went on until he was left with a red card and a black card. He removed the red card. Yet, when the remaining card was turned over, it was a red card!

Jeremy Pei demonstrated selected items he got from Taiwan and made available at his booth. These included 3 packet card tricks: one ended with a production of a 3D birthday cake, another had a spectator chose a garbage truck from 5 expensive cars, and another one chose an ugly date from amongst 5 lovely girls. Other items demonstrated were coloured scarves from a rose, colour changing wreaths in a bag (when coloured scarves were passed through), and the manifestation of an invisible deck in a net-bag.