If you are looking for an entertaining effect that is sure to bring much laughter to your audience, then “Blind Date” will be a definite hit, especially with the ladies!

A lady spectator participates in a “Blind Date” game with the performer.  A packet of cards is displayed – each card comprises a suitable male candidate for the blind date.  The performer places a duplicate of one of the cards as a prediction face downwards on the table.

The lady spectator throws 3 dice and uses their sum total to determine which card (candidate) to select.  The cards that are not chosen are turned over and it can be seen that they comprise men of different ages and looks.  Much jokes can be cracked on each of them.  The selected card is turned over and it matches the prediction card!  The identity of the selected candidate never fails to bring much laughter from the audience.

You are supplied with the packet of specially printed cards and an instructional DVD.  You are not supplied with the 3 dice, which are not gimmicked.  In fact, once you understand the principle, you may want to use your own method (which may not involve dice) for arriving at the selected candidate card.


If you are looking for a highly entertaining effect, you cannot go wrong with Bland Date.  The only downside is that it is rather costly for what you get.  (4/5 stars rating.)