This is a beautifully crafted wooden stand that holds 4 different colour Sharpie pens.  The prop allows you to know the order of 3 colour Sharpie secretly taken out by 3 different spectators.

You are supplied with the well-made wooden Sharpie stand, 4 gimmicked black, red, blue and green Sharpies and a printed sheet of instructions.  Each of the pens can be freely handled by the spectator without finding out the gimmick.

The construction of the stand provides 2 difficulties.

You can tell the order the colour pens up to the 3rd pen.  This may not be a serious problem because the printed instructions give an idea what to do with the 4th or left-over pen.  The performer simply uses the 4th pen to sign his name on the piece of paper written upon by each of the 3 spectators.  However, there is a method, not in the instructions, in which you can use the stand to tell the order of all the 4 pens being taken out.  If you purchase this product, Jeremy Pei or myself will be able to adivise you on this matter.

If the lighting is not so good or you do not have good eyesight, it may not be easy to quickly see the order of the pens taken out.  After the pens are taken out of the stand, casually move the empty stand out of the performing area.  This gives you ample time to study the order of the pens being taken out.a

Despite these 2 slight flaws, this is a mechanical method of determining the order of 4 Sharpies.  The electronic method not only makes this expensive, there is also a greater possibility of it malfunctioning in a performance.  Properly thought-out routines using the knowledge of the order of 4 (or 3, in this case) colour Sharpies can be quite powerful.


(4/5 stars rating.)