This is Mark Mason’s handling for copper/silver/brass coin routine, except the coins used are brass Chinese hole coins in 3 different colours of red, black and blue.

You are supplied with a set of beautifully produced Chinese coins, each with a hole in the middle.  They comprise 1 red coin, 1 blue coin, 1 black coin, 1 red/blue gimmick coin and 1 black expanded coin shell.

Mark Mason is a brilliant performer.  His presentation is fast-paced, easy to follow and always entertaining.  He starts and ends with the 3 different coloured Chinese hole coins that can be fully examinable.

The Chinese coins do add mystery to the presentation.  The different colours make the transpositions of the coins more visual and stunning.  You can adapt these coins to your own favourite copper/silver/brass coin routine.

Mark’s entire routine is explained clearly in the DVD. Mark also discusses alternate handlings for the coins.  (5/5 star rating).