Tricks based on mathematical principles tend to be draggy and too long drawn out in the performance.

This is particularly so for an effect such as this one where small coins (pennies, in this case) are placed along the 4 sides of an imaginary square.  Ten coins are counted along each side.  A spectator adds one coin onto the existing coins on one side – this should make this side 11 coins.  The performer moves the existing coins around along the sides of the square, but never taking away or adding any more coins, yet each side of the square is counted to contain 10 coins.  This continues several more times.  Each time the spectator adds in one coin, the performer moves the coins around the square without taking away or adding in coins, and yet each side of the square is counted to still have 10 coins.

The effect becomes more intriguing each time it is repeated.  Unfortunately, repeating means too many counting and this slows down the effect as well as provides the possibility of eventually exposing the mathematical principle.  This is where Giovanni comes in – despite repeated counting, he is able to keep the pace going fast by his superb management of the audience.  You can see from the performance that the audience is thoroughly entertained and instead of discovering the mathematical principle, they are totally baffled at the end!

Learn from Giovanni the art of entertainment and how to make a small effect play big!  You are supplied with a well-produced DVD and 4 empty paper rolls for 50 pennies.  A roll of 50 pennies plays a significant role in Giovanni’s presentation.  There is a bonus effect on how to produce a roll of 50 pennies from a tiny purse.  There is also an interview session with Giovanni on his various performances of the Pennies.

If there is a downside, it is the fact that this is only a one-effect DVD, and as such, it is a little pricey.  (4.5/5 stars rating.)