February was Annual General Meeting. There was a quorum of thirty-four people on the evening of 15 January 2015 at the Bayview Hotel.


The following members were elected to the Management Committee:

President: John Teo
Vice-President: Enrico Varella
Hon. Secretary: Tan Jui Kuan
Asst. Secretary: Alvin Terence
Hon. Treasurer: Victor Heng
Asst. Treasurer: Betsy Teo
Committee: Satish Kumar, Derek Lee, Baharudin, Ashish Lodhavia,Jeremy Tan
Auditors: Curtis Choy & Chew Liang Huat (March 2015 to Feb 2016)
Aw Kum Seng & Ng Yeow Chong (March 2016 to Feb 2017)

Jeremy Pei demonstrated his own Ultimate Backflip packet card effect and offered it at a special discounted price. He then showed a black sticker which, when heated with a lighter’s flame, could reveal the identity of a chosen playing card. He presented everyone present with a free sticker each.

Jeremy was thankful that our Ring 115 provided him with the opportunities to become who he is today in magic. He presented the Ring with his own hand-made close-up mat. He also presented the President and his wife with his own Vegas Magic Awards in the form of a trophy each for “Best Magic Mentor ‘For Life’” and “Best Magician’s Wife ‘For Life’” respectively.

The much awaited break saw members gathered around 3 tables for Yu Sheng with the usual new-year chants. After this, they treated themselves to the usual snacks and tea and coffee.

After the break, Jeremy Pei auctioned off 4 stage items, including a magic tea kettle.

A lucky draw was conducted in which 5 members won a special fire-cracker bolster each from patron Gician Tan.
Vice-President Enrico Varella displayed an old copy of the defunct periodical “Magic Around The World”. It was an all-Singapore issue and featured local magicians such as Tan Bah Chee and Tan Hock Chuan.

There were 2 teach-ins. Jasper Lee demonstrated and explained the classical methods of vanishing and producing a coin and the subtleties he used to cover up the sleights.

John Teo performed and then explained 3 effects. There was a chair test, a version of Simon Aronson’s “Shuffleboard”, and his own presentation of Cameron Francis’ “Nothing But The Truth”.

It was an evening of not only the Annual General Meeting, but also of magic performances, teach-ins and auctions.
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