31 members including a guest attended this evening’s “Oriental Magic” themed meeting hosted by Victor Heng and Derek Lee. Jeremy Pei promoted SG Magic to be held on 19 April 2015 at Magic Warehouse at a special ticket price of $40 for IBM members.

Derek Lee, attired in a typical oriental shirt, performed with 2 pairs of red and green mah-jong bricks and showed how they could switch places mysteriously.

John Teo displayed an ancient Chinese manuscript in which he proceeded to fold in various ways to reveal the identities of 5 different playing cards selected by the audience! Next, he played the oriental game of Scissors, Paper, Stone with a spectator. Altogether, they played 6 rounds. John was able to correctly predict the outcome of each of these 6 rounds. Finally, John said he was going to play another game of 6 rounds, but claimed that he would win each of these 6 rounds. This was proved true as there was no even a “draw” round.

Chua Eng Hock invited his guest to select a card from a deck and lose it back into it. He told a stack of a few cards, asked 3 pertinent questions, and then proceeded to spell ‘MAGIC’ and located his guest’s chosen card at the end of the spelling!

Ivan Lee got his guest to select a card and place it between his palms. Almost instantly, the card changed into a handful of Queen of Spades when his palms were opened.

Chew Liang Huat displayed 2 paper bags, 2 types of stones and 2 small boxes on the table. A guest decided on which stone to be placed in which box and into which paper bag. Interestingly, the 2 boxes were found to have changed places in the paper bags, while the stone in each box remained in the original paper bags!

Charles Choo got a guest to rotate a pen cap to coincide with a number he liked on the pen. This number proved to be the one Charles had predicted. Next Charles made his finger ring vanished before the audience.

Victor Heng demonstrated the art of making friends by showing how his choice of hobby, small talk topic, subject for opinion-sharing written on a set of cards match those what were written by his new acquaintance, Linus Ng, on a separate set of cards. The match was made possible through a phone number “connection”.

Jeremy Pei also performed his own version of the red and green mah-jong tiles and how they could switch places.

After the break, Baharudin performed his brand of ’bomoh’ comedy magic which drew laughter and giggles from the audience.

Gician Tan demonstrated old school magic charm with his performance of his 8-inch gold-plated linking rings.

J K Tan played a betting game with a guest, using 5 pairs of jumbo playing cards. The guest made all the choices of moving each card and JK Tan managed to pair only one of the 5 pairs of cards. However, when the backs of the cards were revealed, each pair matched perfected, and together, they revealed the Chinese characters for “multiple changes”!

Jeremy Pei rounded off the evening with his own rendition of Voitko floating linking rings routine.

Reported by:
(Ms) Low Hwee Lang