imageWhen you involve a children’s game in magic, you introduce novelty to your performance. This is what entertainment is all about.

When you bring out a cootie catcher in your magic performance, the audience will break out into laughter. Almost everybody can recognize what this is, and it brings back nostalgia to the audience. People are also curious to know what a cootie catcher has to do with your magic effect – actually, quite a lot!

In its original form, the cootie catcher is used to tell fortune for children in a fun way. Its hidden panels make it suitable for use in magic. It can be used as a revelation of a selection, or a force of choices. These 2 functions open up a variety of presentations. Jason Michaels gives 12 different presentations. Among the most interesting ones are:

• The Lie Detector – 2 spectators choose 2 cards, they lie or tell the truth, yet the cootie catcher reveals both their selected cards.
• How Women Make Decisions – a comical revelation of a lady’s choice that is proved correct by a prediction inside a sealed envelope.
• Your Favourite Magician – spectator chooses a magician by considering his features and the tricks performed and she ends up with YOU!

Jason Michaels is a detailed person. In the DVD, Jason teaches 7 effects and shows you how to construct and work your own cootie catcher. Included in the DVD is an e-book that details more effects and provides the templates for you to print out 8 different cootie catchers.
In the bonus section, Jason describes a gimmicked cootie catcher that he uses in his stage performance. This idea will open up more applications.

No cootie catchers are included. You receive a DVD which contains an e-book and templates for you to print your cootie catchers.

There are enough different presentations in the DVD to inspire you to come out with your own customized presentation. This is the real worth of this investment. (5/5 star rating.)