This is a novel multi-card revelation. In its basic effect, a folded piece of paper is placed on the table as a prediction. When it is revealed, it does not show the correct chosen card. The paper is unfolded to reveal the identity of another card. This is still not the correct card. The paper is unfolded again to reveal a larger card – it is still the wrong card. Finally, the paper is unfolded one last time to show a very large picture of the correct chosen card.

The unfolding of the prediction to reveal a different and larger card each time is quite a novelty. What makes this trick a killer is the presentation.

When Wayne Dobson first performed this effect, the revelation paper involved not 4 but 6 different cards. The trick was known as “Six-Pack” then, and it was performed as a stage effect. Six spectators stood on stage and chose a playing card each. Wayne proceeded to reveal each card in an interesting manner. The folded revelation was used with the last spectator. Each time a “wrong” card is shown, the “wrong” card belonged to each of the other 5 spectators. In this way, there was a lot of spectator’s participation.

The package comes with an instructional DVD and 2 copies of the folded revelation.

The DVD shows Wayne’s Six-pack performance. This is followed by a close-up performance by Matthew Dowden using the Fourseen revelation to reveal 4 cards.

The effect is then taught by Matthew Dowden. Matthew also discloses how to force and control the 4 cards.

Here are the highlights of Fourseen:
• Lots of audience participations
• Equally effective for performance on stage or close-up
• Easy to do
• Instant reset
• Novelty effect

You are given 2 copies of the revelation, in case one is worn out through constant usage. (5/5 star rating)