imageThis effect features an interesting product – that of a small piece of red cloth which, when toss about between your 2 palms assumes the shape of a (red) heart. The change is visual and magical.

I would purchase this effect for this product alone. The magical change of a red cloth to a heart allows me to interact with my spectators as I weave an emotional story around my magic performance. I can find many uses for this cloth to heart item.

The routine that comes with this package is therefore not so important – if it is a good one, it becomes a bonus to me. What is important is that the transposition of the cloth to the heart works smoothly and it appears magical.

This is the routine that comes with the heart cloth. A small package wrapped with a red cloth is displayed. The cloth is unwrapped to reveal 6 cards each has a drawn outline of a different object on it. The 6 cards are turned face downwards and mixed around. A spectator chooses one card. It turns out to be the picture of an outline of a heart. The red cloth is gathered up and the performer begins to toss it from one hand to the other hand. Visually, and magically, the cloth is observed to fold (like origami) by itself into the shape of a heart! The heart card is turned face downwards and it is used to touch the heart cloth. When it is turned over, the outlined figure of the heart is now filled with red colour!

You receive the special red cloth and the picture cards. No instructions are supplied. You are given 3 u-tube addresses. One teaches you how to set up the apparatus. The other shows you the performance. There is a third u-tube address, but the video is taken off its site. This is a bonus effect where after the cloth is folded into the heart, a small red solid plastic heart magically drops down from it onto a spectator’s cupped hands. When the heart card is turned over, it is now blank and without any picture. You have to draw and colour in on a supplied blank card to create the red colour heart card. You also have to supply a black ribbon to tie up the wrapped package according to the performance.

As I mentioned earlier, putting all these small drawbacks aside, the special red cloth is worth the money invested if you can use it to augment your other magical performances. (5/5 star rating.)