Manufactured by: Redefine Magic
Reviewed by: John Teo
Price: Sin $25

Magic Fortune Tiles is similar to the trick Dizzy Dominoes, which has been around for quite a while.
Dominoes is a popular table game played mainly in Western countries. In Asia, a popular table game played with tiles is Mah-jong. Magic Fortune Tiles uses 4 Mah-jong tiles – they are the 2 Green Dragons and 2 Red Dragon tiles. The trick is best performed with a spectator.

A Red and a Green Dragon tiles are placed face to face. When they are separated, the Red Dragon tiles come together and the Green Dragon tiles gather together. This is performed one more time. This time, a set of face-to-face tiles is held in the spectator’s hand. Yet, the tiles changes places! This is carried out one or two more times – the tiles change places under impossible conditions!

If you have enjoyed Dizzy Dominoes, you will prefer Magic Fortune Tiles because Mah-jong is more topical in Asia, and the tiles are thicker and more visual. The entire effect is fast-paced, visual and magical!

You receive the 4 Mah-jong tiles, a special gimmick, and a nice draw-string bag to carry the tiles. The instructions are in the form of a well-produced DVD. Jeremy Pei does a good job in explaining how to perform the trick. The moves are well demonstrated and Jeremy shows variations as well. You can create your own routine for this trick. Jeremy also shows how to end clean where all the 4 tiles can be handed out for examination.

Highly recommended!