imagePoker chips and playing cards are linked together by the common thread of gambling. As such, poker chips are also often featured in magic.
“Poker Face” comes with 5 custom manufactured poker chips that enable you to perform many different mentalism effects.

A nicely produced booklet details 5 effects by Pablo Amira and Michael Murray.

 CHIPrediction – a spectator is taken on an imaginary trip to a casino where she selects a colour, value and suit to form a particular playing card. A poker chip placed in her hand earlier is later shown to reveal the identity of this card.

 Viva Cabaret – a twist on Stephen Tucker’s Visa Cabaret where a spectator hides each of 3 poker chips in a different pocket. He then brings out any one of the chips. A prediction reveals exactly which chip is taken out, and which chip is in which pocket!

 Poker Will – a variation on Deddy’s Free Will where you predict which of 3 chips will be held in a spectator’s right hand, which chip in her left hand, and which chip will be left behind on the table.

 Sure Bet – you and a spectator divide the 5 poker chips according to a certain procedure. Although she makes most of the choices, and takes 3 out of the 5 chips, you are able to predict the exact values of the chips held by you and the spectator. There are some typing errors in the insructions.

 ChiCAAN – ACAAN with poker chips and a deck of playing cards. A freely chosen poker chip reveals a selected card as well as the position where this card can be found in the deck. Some nice card controls, including an interesting variation of the cross-force, are taught here.
You receive the 5 special poker chips, a booklet of instructions, a printed prediction, 2 envelopes, and a draw-string carrying pouch. With a little imagination, the 5 poker chips can be adapted into other close-up mentalism effects. (5/5 star rating.)