This reads like the usual miser’s dream effect using a metal coin pail. However, there are 2 differences: the pail is slightly smaller than the usual model, and the price is very much cheaper than similar product in the market.

For those not in the know, the miser’s dream effect is one where the magician plucks coins “from the air” and drops them into a metal pail. You can hear the characteristic metallic “clink” of each coin as it lands inside the pail. The pail is usually gimmicked to allow this to happen.
In Bob Solari’s Miser Miracle, after catching 7 or 8 coins, all the coins disappear from the pail and in their place is found a 3” jumbo half dollar instead!

You receive a stainless steel coin pail, the jumbo size half dollar coin, and a special gimmick. In this case, the metal pail is ungimmicked and examinable by the audience. The effect is easy to perform and the illusion of catching coins and putting them in the pail is very convincing. A double-sided printed sheet of instructions is all that is needed to tell you how to perform the effect. You do not even need to supply any coin of your own. A half dollar coin is provided for you.

The low price initially gave the impression that the props must be made of low quality materials. On the contrary, you get a nicely made stainless steel pail, a good quality and heavy jumbo coin, and a good quality gimmick.
A good investment and one you can use straight away in your act. (5/5 star rating).