ByJohn Teo

Jul 25, 2015


Glass and bottle productions, vanishes and transformations

Product description:

The product descriptions state that the effects are visual, fast and punchy…. that is true however, they are not really forthcoming. You will need more than the “Want-A-Drink” gimmick that is included. While I understand that if everything is included, the MSRP would be a lot more than $49.95.

You can also argue that some of the people may already own the required additional gimmick but those who bought this hoping that they can perform what they saw in the trailer will be hugely disappointed if they don’t have that gimmick.

Out of the 11 routines (some are just variations), you can only perform 3 if you don’t have the additional gimmick.


While I was watching the performance segment of the DVD, I was impressed thinking that with this gimmick, you are able to do these routines. I was hugely disappointed when I found out that you require additional gimmicks.

Most magicians will know that you have to wear a jacket to perform these routines, but to perform the routines in this DVD, you will need more than that. Buyers would expect to furnish their own glasses, bottles, jumbo coin and silk, but they won’t expect to have 2 more different gimmicks to perform the routines.

The routines are impressive; Eric Leblon is a very accomplished performer. His sleights are perfect, his style is elegant but you’d need to put in effort to be able to pull of that kind of performance.


The quality of the gimmick is not too bad and the DVD is very well produced. The explanations are shown a few times and you will have no problem understanding it.


This is priced the same as Splash Bottle, but if you consider the fact that you will need other gimmicks to dp the routines in the DVD, this is actually not that cheap afterall.


I like the routines, I like the style of performance but I am really disappointed with the production description omittance of extra gimmicks needed. The required gimmick is quite common, most people will know what it is but most people will not have it. Experience stage performers will probably have the required gimmick. Good for you if you have it as the routines are really eye candies.

Rating:  5/10
It is not easy to give a fair rating as I really like the routines but I think the fact that the extra gimmick was omitted from the product description holds a heavier weight for me. I wish I can tell you what that gimmick was, if you have that, you will be sure to awe your spectators.


The article first appeared in Ning Thing.