C3 by Nojima

ByJohn Teo

Aug 8, 2015


Color change of a card that is sandwiched between two other cards.

Product description:

Straight forward production description but I doubt anyone will be reading the description as the video demo is the one that sells this.


Let me tell you, the Japanese are crazy people. Crazily good at what they do. Most of their stuffs are released in their own country and only lately, we can see some Japanese magicians releasing their materials into outside of Japan. Most the their stuffs looks really beautiful but unfortunately, beautiful comes with a price…..hard work.


In this DVD, it teaches you one color change which may be used in 9 of his other routines. I don’t think you’d want to do his routines in one set as it all involve in one color change, your spectator wouldn’t want to see the same move done over and over again.

The color change is done with one hand and there are no apparent finger movements during the change. It looks like pure elegant magic. I have no idea how it was done until I saw the explanation. If you want to learn this, be prepare to invest your time and effort (lots of it) to perfect it.  There are no gimmicks involved and it is purely sleight of hand.


The DVD only has background music playing and the text explanation is at the bottom of the screen. It comes in Japanese and English text. Everything is explained clearly; where to place the cards, where to place the fingers etc and they even show you what is wrong and how to avoid it.  You will have no problem learning for this DVD as long as you put in effort.


This is the standard price for a DVD and I think it is worth it.


This is insane stuff, I wish I can do it but I also know that I would not spend my time on practising it. Well, there are no short cuts for this. Not my kind of stuff but I do appreciate such magic and I’d love to see someone do this live for me.

This is the stuff that people should do but I also know that a lot of people will not do it due to the technical requirements. If you can do this, you will probably be one of the few who can do this.


Recommended if you are not afraid of hard work.