Those who are in magic long enough will know of the card on rope trick. This effect is the same except that this has been modernised to suit the times. The basic effect is , selected card is tossed into a bag together with the rest of the deck. A set of wired earphones is then dipped into the bag and the selected card is found tied to the cords of the earphones.

I’m not head over heels in love with this but find this effect likeable. There is a set up prior to performing this effect. Once you are set up, there should not be sudden movement to your bag as it will affect the setup. The gimmick is really cool and it works really well too, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to “fish” for the selected card.

Password protected video instructions is online and is only about 6 mins long. But this short video is enough to make you understand how to set up and perform. You’d need to know how to force a card as this is not taught in the video. Various objects like sponge ball, sharpie are also introduced as possible performing items. However, do note that there are no instructions on what to do with these additional items. Yeah, “the possibilities are endless”, this sentence seems to be favoured by magic inventors. I don’t think there is anything in magic whereby the possibilities are endless. If you want to introduce other objects, at least let buyers now what you can do with that object.  Anyway, even if you use other objects, it will still be the same as fishing, i.e. select one, lose it and find it.

The downside of this as compared with original card on rope routine is that after you perform with the rope, you are “clean” as there won’t be anything in the bag. Fishing won’t be clean at the end (I’m referring to the bag) as part of the gimmick will be left inside. But then again, these are just minute points and are almost negligible if you don’t intend to show the bag.

Overall, I think this effect is ok. The gimmick is great (I’m a sucker for clever gimmicks) but the effect is not spectacular. At US$49.95, the price is a tad expensive for such a mediocre effect, but you are paying for the gimmick which is top notch.

I can’t say I do or do not recommend this as I have mixed feelings for it. I like the gimmick but not the effect. If you like the old card on rope trick, get this. Otherwise, I think you can probably spend this money on something more useful.

Rating 6/5

P.S  I still think the gimmick is cool (did I repeat again?)