32 members turned up at the Bayview Hotel’s function room on the evening of 15 July 2015. The theme was Mathematical Magic. The co-ordinators were JK Tan and Victor Heng, who took turns hosting the section before and after the break respectively.

All present were divided into teams of 3 people. Each team was to send a representative to perform an effect, preferably mathematical magic, and was given some time to prepare.

The first performer was Adeline Ng, who taped the tips of her forefinger and thumb together to form a finger loop, and proceeded to link and unlink a banded watch. Next was Alvin Terrance, who had a spectator freely turn any card over in the deck and it proved to be her chosen card. Donovan Tan keyed in a string of numbers in his iphone. A spectator identified the “heaviest” digit, 8, and with a shake of the iphone, he cause the digit 8 to gravitate down to become the first digit of the string of numbers.

Lim Teck Guan performed 2 effects. He magically caused one of a pair of identical cards to first expand and then contract in size as compared to the other one. He then bit off part of a coin and then restored it. By involving a spectator in a series of mathematical calculation using her mobile phone, Edwin Wong was able to divine her private mobile number. Willis Lee had a spectator select a card from one of 5 small packets and then mixed the packets in any order, yet he was able to find the selected card. Patron Gician Tan offered a direct and visual topsy-turvy deck effect.

Bernard Sim demonstrated a coin vanish that allowed both hands to be shown empty. Using the theme of astrological reading, Satish Kumer was able to divine a person’s lucky number. Derek Lee constructed a 4 x 4 magic square that added up to a total randomly determined by the audience. Joseph Loh had a spectator do a series of calculations based on the spectator’s own 4 digit (all different) number. By the spectator mentioning the remaining digits (in any order) of the final total, Joseph was able to divine the selected digit.

After the 15 minutes break with snacks, coffee and fellowshipping, it was time for Samantha Ong to take her induction test. She performed card and coin magic standing up, with an assisting spectator. Her coin repertoire included bare hand coin production, coin flurry with a jumbo coin production, and signed coin in nested wallets. With a deck of cards, she mixed the cards face-up and face-down. Magically, the cards all straighten up except the chosen card.

An induction ceremony was conducted for both Edwin Wong and Samuel Boey. After this, in a Teach-In session, co-ordinator JK Tan demonstrated an interesting magic square effect where he found a spectator’s retirement age. He then taught how to construct magic squares of various order.

Tommy Chiang had a spectator separate a deck into 2 packets, one containing the spades and hearts and the other containing the clubs and diamonds. They were then able to match the 2 packets in pairs of similar cards, eg King of spades with King of clubs. Tommy then taught the 21 card trick where he was able to find a
selected card lost in 3 packets of 7 cards each. The last performer was President John Teo who performed with letter cards. He was able to predict what word would be formed with the final selected letters, and which letters would be left out. He then did Michael Chatelain’s Magic Sword where the sword of the King of Spade impaled a miniaturised selected card.

Reported by:
John Teo