August’s theme of “My Favourite Tricks” attracted 37 members and 3 guests to the Bayview Hotel on the evening of 15 August 2015.

One of the guests was Massimo’s mum who was in this region holidaying. The other 3 guests were “Magic Babe” Ning, Siow Fok Unn and Vicente.

The first performer was Massimo, who made a selected card vanish from the deck and reappeared in the card box. His second effect was a 4 X 4 number matrix that totalled to a particular year chosen by a spectator.

Jimmy Lee did a rainbow deck effect with 2 selected cards very much like Lennert Green’s “Stolen Cards”.

Maxwell Low was able to divine a superhero merely thought of by a spectator.

Guest Vicente found a chosen card from a packet of 5 cards – this chosen card was also stated as a printed prediction along the side of the metal card protector.

“Magic Babe” Ning, who was our special guest, spoke on her experiences being a professional magician. She authored 2 books and she kindly gave away 2 sets of them to 2 lucky members.

During the break, members had more chance to interact with her and purchased items from the dealer booth manned by Adeline Ng and Bernard Sim.

When the meeting resumed, Enrico Varella, who was the chairman for evening, shared his thoughts on what makes a trick a “favourite”. He demonstrated with his own version of Professor’s Nightmare as well as “3 seconds wonder” and other tricks with the 4 Aces.

We were all unimpressed when Joseph Low was able to push a sharp blade through a card box, until he revealed that the card box did not contain playing cards, but a solid block of steel!

Charles Choo, who recently returned from FISM in China, not only predicted, but also teleported a spectator’s chosen card from the deck of cards into the card box.

Gician Tan demonstrated his own versions of spring snakes in can. In one version, he was able to take out and eat the potato chips before a snake sprung out of the Pringles can!

Enrico Varella showed the Kowalski’s S100 bill switch.

The final performer for the evening, Derek Lee showed 3 blank cards, which then magically had pictures of mosquitoes on them. Finally, the mosquito in each card was squashed dead!

Reported by

(Ms) Low Hwee Lang