The theme of October’s Magic Meeting was “Cards and Coins Magic”. The attendance for the evening was forty-three. They included four guests: Collier and Francis Ow, Richard (from the Philippines) and Ho Su Han. The venue was the function room at BayView Hotel. Enrico Varella and Tommy Chiang were the co-ordinators and they took turns in introducing the various performers.

The first performer was newcomer Jonas Phua who was able to divine a chard chosen by a spectator from a shuffled deck.

Richard, our guest from the Philippines, did a short close-up act to music. He produced four Kings one at a time and then changed them to four Aces. He produced four coins and proceeded to do matrix with the four cards, abd ended with a reverse matrix. From the response of the members, his act was well received.

Samantha Ong caused four coins to go through the solid table one at a time. Finally, they all emerged back to the top of the table.

It was time for “teach-in”. Gician Tan demonstrated and explained the following effects:

  • Four coin roll, one coin changed into a see-through disc, and this disc enabled a spectator to tell what two cards were each chosen by two spectators.

  • A deck of cards was divided into two halves, one half deck was then able to balance at the edge of the other half deck.

  • A chosen card rose from the middle of the deck.

  • An utility move that allowed one card to secretly change to another.

Enrico Varella, one of the MCs, produced three coins, one at a time, performed a three-fly/hanging coins effect with them, then vanished them, one at a time.

A snack-and-drink break allowed the members to mingle with one another as well as to purchase magical items from the dealer booth.

Not to be outdone by his partner, Tommy Chiang, the other MC, did a comical version of “invisible deck” where a jumbo sized deck of cards magically materialised inside an empty paper bag and the chosen card was found to be the only one reversed in the deck.

Lim Teck Guan caused an entire deck of cards to vanish inside a plastic container, and then turned a coin into a Buddhist relic.

Two newly joined members took their Induction Test.

Cassidy Lee had two sets of iPod cards. A spectator indicated which card in each set contained his secretly selected song. A pair of ear phone was provided and the spectator heard his selected song in play. Two spiral binders were each put into two small packets of cards with holes at one end, so that the cards in each packet could not be easily manipulated. Despite this constraint, a chosen card was found to occupy the same position in both packets. Finally, the cards in both bound packets rearranged themselves so that all cards occupy identical positions in each packet.

Nigel Lew performed a “which hand” effect, using a special “Templer” medallion, with five spectators. He then divined each of two words secretly written by two spectators. Five large envelopes were randomly distributed to the five spectators. Yet the letter in each envelope spelled M-A-G-I-C correctly.

Andrew Kong, Jonas Phua and Chin Wei Choung were officially inducted into ordinary membership in our Ring 115. President John Teo handed each of them a wooden wand and the Ring Constitutions.

John Teo was the last performer. He did a packet card trick involving a slot machine where actual coins rained down from the cards when the “jackpot” was struck. He then told a delightful story about “Who Killed The King Of Hearts” (Kostya Kimlat’s) using jumbo sized court cards.

Reported by

John Teo