Any design drawn onto the back of a playing card changes instantly and yet totally under your control.  You can customize anything you want, from a wrong prediction that changes visually into a correct prediction.  Or even from a “$” sign written on a playing card, a coin is produced from it.

Product description:

The description says “use BADGEgimmick to change open prediction or enhance incredible productions right at your fingertips before handing the card out for examination.”  That statement is not entirely forthright.  Yes, you can use it to change open prediction and no you can’t hand it out without doing a move.  Like all gimmicked magic effects, everything can be handed out for examinations but you will need to do a switch.


The modus operandi is very simple and performing it is also very easy.  The effect is visually appealing and it does look like magic especially when the hands don’t go near the card when the change occurs.  As for the examination part, I have never like the method of switching an isolated card by placing it back to a deck, turn it over and hand it out for examination.  But of course you can always find a legit excuse to do that.  The reset is very simple and take only two seconds.


The gimmick is handmade and feels quite fragile.  It will give way eventually and it was recommended to change the gimmick after 100 performances.  One completed gimmick is included and also parts to replace/ repair is also included.  You will be taught on how to make the gimmick yourself.  Parts to made the gimmick is also easily available.  Construction of the gimmick is not difficult but can take a bit of time.


At US$45, this price can be on the high side but the nature of the gimmick makes this pricing seems reasonable.


This is a fun effect to perform and your spectators will be awed by the visual change. Recommended for a restaurant opener.

Rating:  7.5/10

I think this item is more suitable for performing pros rather than hobbyists.  It’d be weird for a casual performer to wear a chain with a card just before you perform for a friend.  If you are doing this for a gig, I guess wearing a chain with a card hanging on your neck is acceptable.