Manufactured by:  Alan Wong (Hong Kong)

Reviewed by:  John Teo

Price: Sin $35 each (special price for Ring 115 members)

This is a mini version of the popular pom-pom stick made famous by Doug Henning and Ali Bongo.

If you are not familiar with the effect of the pom-pom stick, here is a brief description.  It is a stage or parlour trick.

A long tube has 4 different colour pom-poms: red, yellow, green and blue.  The red and yellow pom-poms are on one end of the tube while the green and blue pom-poms are on the other end.

The yellow pom-pom is shown to be connected to the blue pom-pom by a string running through the tube.  Without any funny move, the yellow pom-pom is then shown to be connected to the green pom-pom.  Later on, it is shown to be connected to the red pom-pom.  In fact, each of the pom-poms is shown to be connected to one another.  Just when everybody gets confused, the performer takes the tube apart in the middle to prove that there are no strings connecting to the pom-poms at either end.

The prop is unique and colourful, and the effect is really puzzling.  It is suitable for both adult and kids audiences.  It is adaptable to different presentations.

The Collector’s Mini Pom-Pom Stick is a mini version – the tube is only about 4.5 inches long.  It is made of brass and gold plated.  The pom-poms have glitters in them.  The entire prop looks professionally manufactured.  You are also supplied with a nice black velvet carrying case.

I believe the pom-pom stick is equally effective when performed close-up.  The prop itself is so attractive.

This product is now discontinued.  The item used to sell for US$45.  At Sin $35 (for Ring 115 members), it is a real steal, considering the fact that it is now difficult to find in the market. 

Purchase it as a collector’s item, even if you do not wish to perform the pom-pom stick.  The prop is indeed cute!

Highly recommended!