If you like Trilogy or Thought Wave, you will definitely like Diception.  Diception is a multi-prediction type of effect using playing cards and dice.

You are supplied with all the things required to perform this effect.  However, you’d need to do a onetime set up which may take up to 10 mins.  After the initial setup, you are good to go.  The setup is pretty easy though a bit tedious as you have to remove some cards, arrange some cards and write on some cards.  Everything is normal and there are no special gimmicks, so if you made a mistake when writing on the cards, you can easily replace it with a card from another deck.

For the routine, not only it’s a baffling effect, it is also a magician’s fooler.  The premise of this effect is very simple.  You get your spectator to roll some dice (choice of 1 die, 2 or 3 dice) to select a card.  The prediction not only reveals the name of the card, it also reveals the total of the dice rolled.  The dice are not gimmicked and the spectator really does have a choice to choose the number of dice used.  And the selected card is a free choice, no force at all.  Best of all, everything is automatic and there is no memory work as the cards will indicate what you should do.

The routine is very cleverly designed in which you only need to concentrate on your presentation, no memory work, no sleight and outs are not necessary as you really don’t need one.  There are some variations to make the effect more powerful but I think it won’t be necessary as the basic effect is very strong.

What makes me like this effect is that it is simple, easy to perform, easy to understand and has 2 revelations as a kicker.  However, the downside is, your spectators will not be able to handle the deck but there are subtleties taught in the video to show the deck as normal.

I rarely like card tricks and this is one of the few card effects I like.  So, if you can deal cards, you will be able to perform this, that’s easy enough for everyone, especially for beginners.

Rating 9/10.  Highly recommended.