A selected card vanishes from the deck and the magician takes out an invisible card and tosses it to a spectator’s open palms.  The invisible card becomes visible in mid air and lands on the spectator’s open palms.

Product description:

Pretty accurate production description but it doesn’t state what form the gimmick comes in.


When I first saw the demo, I thought it was something you install in your clothing.  I thought it was the sleeves, well I thought wrong.  The gimmick is not on your body when you activate it.  This is probably something truly new in magic.

You’d need to practice in order to know the distance the card can fly so as to get it to land accurately.  The reset takes a few seconds and is just a matter of engaging the gimmick and placing the card on the gimmick and its reset.

I played with it a few times and the distance the card flew was not consistent but I think this is not a big issue as this can be rectified by practice.


The gimmick is pretty well made.  It needs to be precise so as to easily activate the mechanism.  My only concern is, will the gimmick last a long time?  I think the gimmick will eventually succumb to wear and tear sooner or later (probably sooner).

The DVD instructions are very detailed and there are several routines taught but they are more or less similar.  My only concern and I think it’s a very important issue is the sound.  Whenever you activate the gimmick, there is a loud sound.  The sound can probably be masked if you worked in a loud environment.  If you work in a restaurant, the sound will definitely be heard.  The spectator may not be aware of the sound as they may be taken aback by the appearance of the card, but the sound made is still a main concern for me.



I felt that the pricing for this effect is a bit on the high side but I also understand that the gimmick is not easy to make and hence the higher price tag.


While this is a very cool and new way of revealing a card, the price tag and the sound will be points I’d consider before I make my purchase.  If you work in a noisy environment such as a pub, this effect would probably be very suitable for you.

Rating:  6.5/10