Manufactured by:  Vincenzo Di Fatta (Italy)

Reviewed by:  John Teo

Price: Sin $15 each


This month, we look at 2 products.  These are 2 separate pocket tricks, and are excellent for carrying around and showing people that you are a magician.



You show 2 small black cards – each is inside its own transparent plastic pocket.  Through the transparent pocket. It can be seen that one card has 3 small circles depicting the traffic light, ie red, yellow and green circles.  The other card is blank.

A spectator is asked to help.  She turns both her hands with her palms facing upwards. 

The 2 cards are slid out of their pockets and each is placed face downwards on the spectator’s palm.  You mime picking up the green circle from the back of the card with the traffic lights.  You mime transferring this green circle onto the other card.

When both the cards are turned over, it is seen that indeed, the green circle has left the traffic light card and magically appears onto the blank card.  Both cards can be examined.


4 cards are shown.  One has a picture of a monkey, and the other 3 cards have a picture of a bunch of bananas each.

The monkey card is turned face downwards and placed on top of a banana card.  When the banana card is next shown, the bunch of bananas has vanished.  This card is blank on both sides.  The monkey has “eaten” the bunch of bananas.

The monkey card is similarly placed on each of the remaining banana cards and the bananas on each card vanish.  When the monkey card is turned over, a fat monkey is seen on the card, indicating that the monkey has eaten the entire 3 bunches of bananas!

Both sets of cards are printed on good quality playing card stock.  They come in a nice box, complete with photograph illustrated printed instructions.  They are both easy to do, and the prices are right.  Carry one, or both, in your pocket – you never know when you will be asked to “show us a trick!”  Highly recommended!