As what the name suggests, Launch is a utility gimmick which enables you to launch/shoot an object (cards & bills etc) out of your wallet.

The demo looks really good and I’m pretty sure most of you are impressed by the way the card is being launched from the wallet.  Having viewed the DVD, the explanations made everything so simple and easy and it also seems that you won’t have any problems with it……that is until you try it yourself.

I like the way the card shoots out, so I followed the instructions and tested it on my wallet, it doesn’t work like what was shown on the DVD.  Perhaps I did not use the appropriate additional item needed (not included but easily available) for the effect to work.  I reset the gimmick and tried several times until I gave up.  But I don’t think this review should be based on my failure to set the wallet as I may not have the proper needed item.  I still have faith in this but will just need to source for the proper item for it to work.

In the DVD, a credit card was used to show how it worked though you can use other items.  However, I suspect that the items to be launched needs to be rather stiff, so a single bill will not work.  The gimmick that came with it is rather simple and it allows you to adjust the strength according to the items you want to launch.  The main gimmick will last you a long time but another part of the gimmick requires replacement from time to time (easily available).

There are no magic routines taught in the DVD and you can probably come out with some routines using this device.  It is also rather obvious and blatant where the card came from.  I am very sure your spectators will know where it came from but don’t know how it was done.  It doesn’t denote any form of magic, more like a special cool thingy hidden in your wallet.  I think it will work more as a stunt rather than a magic effect.

I have a mixed feeling about this one but I generally liked it.

Rating:  7/10