Spellbound effect with 4 changes ending with a note (or any other objects).

Product description:

The description doesn’t say much about this and I feel they could have done a lot more to make people buy this product.  The back of the DVD has no description at all.  I’m actually quite happy about it as no one would bother to pick this gem up.  But product reviews are not about being selfish and hide good things from readers; I wish I could keep this to myself.  Anyway, read on to find out more.


In the past you can doing the same effect with 2 gimmicks using 1 hand, but this requires a lot of skill.  With the included gimmick, everything is simplified.  You can easily do it with just one hand.  You will still need to practice to build up muscle memory but it’s very easy to get the hang of it.  The effect ending with a dollar bill just added a sensible and logical ending to this routine.  It also takes heat off the dirty hand.

Not mentioned in the product description are 3 extra effects without the use of special coin.

  1. Ka Vanish: Remember about a decade ago when “The Raven” was a craze? For the younger magicians, The Raven is a utility device that enables you to vanish a small object on your palm by just waving the hand across.  You can achieve similar result with Ka Change.  This is a sleight of hand method and you can do this anyway.  The sleight involved is not something new but the rather the application is.  I really like this one and I was enjoying practising this.
  2. Wild Change is another Spellbound routine utilising regular coins.  The sleight is not new and was published by Michael Rubinstein a few decades ago.  This was not credited by Mott-Sun, but the sleight is so old and may be Mott-Sun thought of this independently.  Having said that, the Wild change routine looks really visual as all the changes are fast and magical.  Unlike the regular covering of the coin with a hand before a change, the coin change in this routine is done as if there are no covers at all.
  3. Ka Change: This is a Raven like change using the Ka Vanish.


The DVD has no verbal instructions, everything is texted based.  Explanation is very detailed and it is being repeated a few times.  However, I think it lacks of a real time performance at the end of the explanation.  I had to rewind and go back to the performance section to see the actual speed of the move.

Included gimmick is well made but I don’t think it can withstand hard drops.


At US$39.95, this is a steal.  Plus you get to learn other spellbound routines.


Buy Buy Buy!  Need I say more?  Just buy, ok at least for coin suckers like me.  I hope to see more stuff from this talented young man.