Switch Up is a very visual revelation effect.  The basic effect is that the words written on a card box visually and magically changes to the prediction. The change is visual and it looks as if the written words just moved/changed itself.

When I opened up the package, the gimmick looks strange at first and then it looks familiar.  I am very sure this is not a brand new method and has been used by other marketed effect.  The first similar effect that came to my mind was Alexander Kolle’s The Hawk.  While The Hawk has its weak point, the changed can be done hands free.  Switch Up requires you to hold the deck during the change and also requires some sort of a cover before the change.

You can hand out the card box after the change and thus making it “examinable”.  All gimmicked props can be examined.  I think “examinable” should be classified into 2 categories.  One category that is truly examinable will be a Scotch and Soda coin.  The other “examinable” category would be something like effects using a TT.  Without exposing secrets here, this is something you’d do (putting the TT back where it came from) after you use a TT.  Unfortunately, magic adverts can’t reveal what type of examinable category it belongs to.  So if you see an effect that says “examinable”, don’t get it because of that as all effects can be examinable.

The gimmick is pretty well made and it needs to be precise in order for it to work proper. Due to the nature of the gimmick, I foresee that this gimmick will wear out sooner or later, I think it is more likely to be sooner.  The package includes a fully made gimmick in which you have to write your own prediction/ change.  It also include extra gimmick for you to repair/made extras.  I really think the gimmick won’t last long.

While this is a very visual change, the downside is the need to replace the gimmick once it wears out and it’s not easy to make that gimmick, you probably need a lot of patience.  If you are looking for similar effect, I’d suggest The Hawk.  While I like the effect, I don’t really like the gimmick as at times, it got stuck while I was playing with it.

Rating : 6/10