Manufactured by: Magic Land (Japan)
Reviewed by: John Teo
Price: Sin $25 each (special discount off this price for Ring 115 members at our January meeting)
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Everybody in the magic community is looking for a new product from Max Maven.
Here is one that came out some 9 years ago. Like we say in a magical effect: it is so old that it is new!
This is a packet card trick that does not use playing cards.
In effect, the performer shows there are 6 cards. One card has a picture of a lemon printed on it. This card is dealt face down onto the table.
The other 5 cards are shown to contain a letter each. They spell L-E-M-O-N. The performer rearranges the letter cards to spell M-E-L-O-N. Is it possible that the lemon card that was placed to one side on the table can now be transformed to a picture of a melon?
The card on the table is turned over – it indeed has a picture of a melon instead of the lemon!
The trick is straight forward and easy to perform, and it has a great impact on the audience. Because it does not use playing cards but letter cards, it becomes something of a novelty to those who are watching.
It can be easily carried in your pocket and is ideal for close-up or walk-around performance.
The effect is a Max Maven idea – so it is clever. It is manufactured by Ton Onosaka’s Magic Land – so the cards are of high quality – in fact, they are air-cushioned cards. What else do you want?
Highly recommended!