Manufactured by:  Magic Land (Japan)

This is a packet trick that involves the Joker of a Bicycle card.  The Jokers are normally not used in a magic performance with a deck of playing cards.  If you do an effect with the Joker itself, it will be a novel trick.  This effect has a stunning climax.  Here is what happens.

Five cards are shown to be all Jokers.  The first Joker is known as the leader Joker.  He

is turned face downwards and placed on the table.

The four other Jokers will follow the leader Joker.  When the four cards are counted, one by one of the Jokers turn face downwards.  The four face-down Jokers are then turned face upwards.  Surprise No 1: the four Joker cards all have empty bicycles – the riders (Jokers) have left their bicycles! It is a strange thing to see such cards!

Where did the Jokers go?  The leader Joker card on the table is turned face upwards.  All the four Jokers have joined the leader Joker in an acrobatic act on his bicycle!  This is Surprise No 2!  See the beautiful drawing of the five Jokers balancing on the bicycle.  This is a surprise and is bound to cause a smile from the audience!

You are provided with an alternative ending card.  Instead of the acrobatic Jokers on the bicycle, the four Jokers have joined their leader Joker in relaxing with a tumbler of beer!

Is it difficult to perform?  As with most packet tricks, this effect requires you to be able to perform an Elmsey Count.  You also need to perform a Hamman Count as well as a Glide.  All are standard sleights with cards, and are fully explained in the printed instructions sheet. 

You are supplied with all six cards.  The drawings are beautifully done by Ton Onosaka himself, who is an acclaimed artist, inventor and magician.

To see an ordinary Bicycle card with an empty Joker’s bicycle as well as five Jokers gathering together is unexpected and truly surprising!  It is an effect that will never fail to bring smiles all around!

Highly recommended!