When I first saw the trailer, I was so impressed by it.  Everything looks so clean and magical.  I was thinking of all the possible methods for such effect, then the trailer states that there are no pulls, no tapes, no ditching, no threads…. I was even more impressed!  It can even be performed surrounded!  Wow, I got to have that!  Finally, I got a review copy; I was a tad disappointed after I saw the strange but sort of familiar contraption.  Perform surrounded? Hmmm..  Notice the camera angle of the trailer?  It’s all shot from top down.  That is the best angle to view the effect.

Now, the above paragraph was written before I watched the DVD.  I did that on purpose to see if my opinion will change after I understand the workings of the gimmick.  Well, my opinion did change!  I was even more impressed after I tried it out. You can see the video here.


The good thing about this is that it will look better when the spectators are closer to you.  The closer they are to you, the further they are from the gimmick.  The only restriction to use Gonzo would be that you’d need to wear long sleeves shirt with the sleeves rolled up, I don’t think that it will be an issue wearing that kind of clothing.  The setup is easy, just do a onetime measurement, trim and put it on and you are good to go.  Once you put the Gonzo on, you can wear it the whole day without any hindrance to your activities.  Putting on the device takes less than a minute and one second is all it takes for you to get ready to perform it.  Like the Raven, you can’t use Gonzo to vanish all objects, the objects needs to be of a certain criteria (I think you guys will know what I am talking about).  If the object is not of those criteria, you can always modify it to make it possible to use it with Gonzo.  Included are many other props for you to modify your objects to make it possible to work with Gonzo.  They even included a Lubor’s Lens.  Lubor’s Lens is a very fascinating and magical piece of plastic, this piece of plastic creates an illusion of vanishing objects on your palm.  With Gonzo, you can produce, vanish and transform.  For productions, a gimmick is included so that you can produce items such as cards, sponge balls etc.  The DVD is loaded with many effects and ideas utilizing the Gonzo.

Forget about The Raven, if you are a fan of The Raven, you should get this as there are no get ready.  Once you are setup, you are good to go.  The method is easy and clean and you will be performing it once you finishing watching the DVD.

Rating: Recommended 8/10