A can’s tab is broken off the can and then put it back on.

Product description:

Described as an organic effect (whatever that term means, seems to be getting used frequently for hyping an effect).  The product description says “grabbing any unprepared soda can off any one and then ripping the tab off”.  Well, that part is not entirely true as the main version does require you to prepare the can.  Alternate versions do allow you to perform an “impromptu” version.


Without giving away the method, you do have preparations.  The preparation is divided into 2 parts.  A onetime preparation will last you a long time, that is if you want to re-use the can.  However, the preparation can be a pain and it will take some time to do it.

While watching the DVD, I was thinking, why go thru so much trouble to prepare the can when you can use a gimmick which most magicians have?  If you use that gimmick, you will only need to prepare 1 part of the gimmick for the trick.  I can’t tell you what that gimmick is as it will give away the method for this effect.  Having said that, that method I just mentioned will not look as good as the original method but the difference is minute.

The version with the tab on the spectator’s hand looks good and if I were to do this trick, I’d probably do this version


Simple gimmicks, detailed instructions.  But not so simple preparation.


At a MSRP of US$29.95, I’d think its over-priced as the gimmick included are pretty simple and not that expensive.  I’d rather spend this money on something else.


The effect looks great but what are you going to do with the can after you finish performing this effect?  The spectator will check the can and you can’t really put away an empty can into your bag.  If you do this at a hawker centre in Singapore, your can will definitely be kept by the cleaners as they are sold to be recycled.

I think the effect is ok, just don’t like the preparation when you have an easier option which is not taught.  But then again, that method is used in another product, which may be the reason they didn’t use that.  Also note that TV rights are not included for this product.

Rating:  6/10