The basic effect is of an item printed on a bill is magically and visually flicked out of the bill.  If you have seen the trailer of this effect, I am very sure you will be awed by how visual this effect looks.

Sansmind always has very good trailers but not always a good product.  In this case this effect is a spinned off by Imprint, also by Sansmind.  Extract’s effect is the opposite of Imprint.  Both look equally impressive on video.  And both can be performed individually and also combined into a loner routine.

Apart from the DVD, you will also get a small item for you to construct your gimmick.  So far so good… now the construction part, I think this is the most difficult part for this effect.  Construction of this effect is so tedious and you will probably spend a long time preparing it.  The other thing to take note of is the material of your bill.  This effect will work with paper currencies and not plastic.  So, for Singaporeans, this effect will be costly for you since the lowest denomination on a paper bill is $50.  However, you can always make up excuses and use other currencies.  Once your gimmick is made, reset is almost instant and very easy.

Once you have made up the gimmick, performing it is relatively easy; it will depend on how clean you want it to be.  Producing a coin or chocolate and then give it away will always make the spectator happy.  You have to take note that the props can’t be examined before and after the effect, but then again, everything can be examined if you do a switch.  You can produce anything you want as long as the items produced are smaller than the bill.

If you’re prepared to spend $50 plus price of Extract and have patience to construct the gimmick go ahead and get this.  While I do admit that the effect looks good and I’m also pretty sure spectators will be impressed by it, I am just too lazy to make one.

Rating:  6.5/10, impressed by the effect but not impressed by the preparation of the gimmick.