Thumb Fun was released by Sid Lorraine more than 50 years ago and was discontinued for more than 30 years by Abbot Magic Company.  Devin Knight took this and marketed it with updated instructions.  This is basically a card revelation effect, nothing fanciful.

Like all Devin Knight’s release, the product description is written so well and overly hyped to make you want to buy it.  Thumb Fun so happens to fall under the category of over hyped product description.

I was rather disappointed when I open it.  The product packaging is probably the same as when it was first released 50 years ago.  What you get are 2 stapled sheets of A4 size written instructions and some very small cards (size of a passport photo).  The cards are from business card stock and thus fanning it will be a problem, it was suggested you use fanning powder.  I’m just puzzled at this modern day, why can’t this be printed on better quality cards?  To maximize profit margin?  At US$19.95, I’d expect some decent quality card.

So, the basic effect is, you get a spectator to select a card, then you bring out 5 small blank cards, then you press your thumb onto one of the card which caused the card to have a thumb print with the selected card in the middle.  That’s it, you can’t give away the card as you will need it for the next performance.

Product description says you can repeat it again with different results, true to that but not immediately.  You have to reset with another card to perform it with a different result.  The included small cards come with a variety of revelations including some customizable cards.

This effect is rather easy to do and magicians of any skill level will be able to perform it.  I am not sure the routine is as impactful as what the product description says.  Somehow, I feel that this routine is a bit weak, especially when the card looks cheap.  There are many card revelation routines out there and I don’t think you need another one.  But then again, some people may like this, this just doesn’t appeal to me.

Rating: 5/10