The titles says it all, this is an awesome compilation of very good self working card tricks.  The effects in this DVD are sleight free (hence the title) but some effects will require simple set up.  You’d be wondering if these effects are self working because you need to do a lot of counting or ask the spectators to count the number of cards then add or subtract etc, well you actually don’t as all the effects in the DVD are quality effects. 

One of the best video on self working card effects would be Michael Ammar’s Self Working Card Miracles series.  These are collections of classic self working card effects.  Big Blind Media’s Awesome Self Working Card Tricks is just as good, those who owns Ammar’s series should take a look at this.

The video was very well filmed.  They use good locations for filming, a living room, a huge empty theatre and even a kitchen!  Best of all, they use beautiful girls as their spectators J.  I was misdirected/ distracted by the spectator during the performance of Compatibility (Wayne Dobson).

Compatibility is a card routine that has an Anniversary Waltz effect.  Spectator think of a number and deals down that number of card and sign on it.  Magician thinks of a number, deals face up that number and sign on it.  Both signature ends on the same card.  The card can then be given to the spectator as a souvenir.  This is an excellent piece of magic from the clever mind of my favourite magician Wayne Dobson.  There is no setup and can be done impromptu.  It is very easy to do and once you know the method, you can start performing it.  Well done!

Automatic Ace Triumph (Kuniyasu Fujiware) haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Haha, that was my reaction when I was following the DVD’s instruction for this effect.  This is like Gibreath Principle where you know the method but you don’t know how it works.  I gurantee you will be smiling to yourself when you first learn this.  This is so easy and its even idiot proof!  The effect is 4 face up Aces are mixed up in 4 piles of random cards, they are then mixed face up and face down.  With a few cuts and turn over, all the random cards are face down and the Aces are facing up.  Now, this routine is the best in this DVD, this is worth the price of the whole DVD.

While I can’t say I like all the effects in the DVD, I like quite a bit of the effects in it.   For those who know me will know that I hate card tricks.  However, not many people know the reason why I hate card tricks.  One of the reason I don’t like card tricks is because I find it can be boring for spectators….. well not really, it’s because I can’t do sleights, hehehe.  So this DVD is very suitable for people like me, not really, it is suitable for everyone, newbie or seasoned performer. 

Let me just give you TWO reasons why you should get this DVD.  First one, Automatic Ace Triumph is the only reason you need to buy this DVD.  Second one, if the above reason is still not enough, buy this DVD because of the spectator.  Trust me, you will be misdirectedJ.

Seriously, this is a very good DVD which everyone should own.

Rating:  9/10 Highly Recommended.