Manufactured by:  Magic Makers, Inc (USA)

One of the most popular packet card tricks that does not use playing cards is “Colour Monte”, created by Jim Temple and produced by Emerson and West way back in 1968.

This has become such a classic in card magic that it spawned many variations such as “This ‘n’ That”, “Gypsy Monte” and “Las Vegas Monte”.  It also attracted numerous video exposures of how to do this trick in the internet.

Bunko Bet is another presentation of Colour Monte.

In effect, the performer shows 3 cards – 2 are red diamonds and one card depicts a blue diamond which is known as the money card.  Whoever can locate the blue card wins money.

The performer transfers the blue card to the bottom of the packet.  When a spectator guesses that the money card is on the bottom of the packet, the performer shows that it is actually the red diamond card.  He then proceeds to show that the top as well as the middle cards are all red diamonds!  There is no sign of the blue diamond money card!  This is a scam, explains the performer, and he is showing how such a gambling scam works.

The performer says he can change the cards at will.  He then proceeds to show all the 3 cards now become the blue diamond cards!  There is now no sign of the red diamond card!

The performer deals each card onto the table to show that he uses exactly 3 cards – no more and no less.  He turns one card over to show a red diamond.  He turns another card over to show a blue diamond.  The spectator is asked to guess the identity of the remaining card.  No matter what the spectator answers, the performer turns over this card and show that it has a green dollar sign – this is Bunko!

You receive a DVD and the necessary cards, plus a carrying case for the cards.  You receive an additional “You Owe $100” card to use in place of the green dollar sign card for a different ending.  The cards are printed with red bicycle backs.  The DVD is well produced and Rudy Hunter performs and teaches the effect.

If you have not owned the Colour Monte trick, this is a good time to purchase it.  If you already possess Colour Monte, it makes sense to have a spare – in this case, it has a slightly different ending.

Highly recommended!