Effect: A red and black playing card separation aka Out of this world.

I have always like Paul Curry’s Out Of This World and there are many versions in the market, I have seen a few versions and some are truly baffling and some are too lengthy.  The baffling ones are gimmicked which have its pros and cons.  Gimmicked versions looks very clean but can’t be examined.  Non-gimmicked versions can be examined but the effect may not be as strong.  I guess there is always a trade off.  Over this world belongs to the non-gimmicked version but I don’t think this version of OOTW is strong enough.

The strength of the classic OOTW lies on the spectator being able to separate the cards.  In this version, the magicians will do all the separation in the first 2 phases.  The spectators will separate the cards for the 3rd phase.  When I first looked at the performance of Over This World, “marked deck” immediately came to my mind.   However, Pandrea’s version doesn’t use a marked deck but I am pretty sure that the spectator’s will think it s a marked deck.  If you know how to do a version of any OOTW, you’d know how to do Over This World.  While the first 2 phase presentation is different from the standard OOTW, it is not better IMO.  However, the 3rd and last phase saves the entire routine.  This phase will make the spectator think that they have the power to separate the cards.  The good thing about this is that this can be done with a borrowed deck, that is if you have the skill or time to do a setup. 

The instructions are pretty clear and you will learn how to do the setup.  I think some of the moves are pretty ingenious.  I also feel that a marked deck would make the work easier.  For OOTW hardcore fans, you’d probably like it.

Though I like OOTW, I am not really blown away by this version

Rating:  6/10