When was the last time you bought a magic book?  When was the last time you read a magic book?  Do you simply skip and don’t bother to find out what’s in it once you realized that you have to read it?  I have asked many people this question and many magicians I know don’t read anymore.  The best effects I knows comes from books and I have always encouraged magicians to read more.  In recent times, I am also guilty of not reading as often as I use to, but at least I still buy books…some of them still in shrink wraps J.

Anyway, let’s talk about this book.  As the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover”  , the design of the cover has a retro style but that has nothing to do with what’s in it.  The book has 22 effects in it and they are pretty fun effects.

The book is arranged for easy reading and photos makes learning easier.  The good thing about this book is that the patter is even included.  When we watch a DVD, one would probably perform and imitate what we see on the DVD.  By reading a book, we can only rely on our imagination on how the effect looks like.  With the written patter, the reader would also be performing it in their own style rather than copying from the originator. 

Let’s talk about some of the effect in it.

Feats of Strength:

This is a keybending routine whereby the key is bent and then snapped into 2 parts, it is then tossed together and the key is then restored.  This effect looks like the spoon bending effect we are accustomed to.  It is visual and easy to do too.  You’d need some preparation but the initial setup is worth the trouble for this effect.  The key can be borrowed and there is no harm done to the borrowed key.

Coins A La Carte:

A one coin routine that uses 2 coins…interested?  Well, the statement is not entirely true.  You borrow a coin from a spectator and then split it into 2 coins, and then you return the borrowed coin and continue to do a one coin routine.  There are 6 moves that are being put together for this routine.  They are a series of coin productions, vanishes and complete vanish.  I like the phase where a move is done to show/ proved coin is in the hand when it is no longer there.  This is the clever use of sound illusion.


A very clever plastic spoon “bending” routine.  The plastic spoon is melted after passing it through a lighter.  It is then covered by napkin and handed to a spectator to hold.  The spoon is then restored.  In order for this effect to work, you’d need to purchase the proper spoons for it to work.  The spoons are easily available online. The preparation is easy and performance is even easier, best of all, the spectator gets to keep the spoon as a souvenir.

There are many good effects in this book, majority of the effects are cards but you still get a variety.  At $24.95, this is a steal.  Definitely way better than those single effect DVDs you see nowadays.

Rating:  9/10

Highly recommended.