Cash Converter is a shop whereby you bring your unwanted stuff and sell it to them.  They will pay a very low price for it and will display and sell it in their shop. They’ll buy your VCD for $0.20 and $1 for your audio CDs.  Haha, nah, in the magic world, cash converter is a totally different thing.  I just had to tell people how cash converter (the shop) work.

Cash Converter is a visual bill switch with borrowed a bill.  The bill is folder in half (lengthwise) and then with a swipe of the palm, it changes into a different bill and then it instantly and visually change back to the original bill.

The effect looks great though the performance segment on the DVD is showing some fidgeting of the fingers.  Like all other effects, there are always pros and cons.  There is a onetime setup which will probably take you about 30 mins to do, after that, you are good to go.  You can use this with any currency, even the plastic ones provided that they don’t have clear sections.  Singapore uses plastic bills and they have clear sections.  HOWEVER, this is not a problem for us.  You can still use Cash Converter with Singapore bills (yay for Singapore Magicians! J)  The best thing about this is that the bill can be borrowed and you are always instantly reset after performing it.  The downside of this is that you will always need to perform the change twice, i.e borrow bill, change it to a different bill, then change it back and return bill.  Unlike the traditional bill change with a TT, you can change it and then giveaway the changed bill.

Comparing this with the TT bill switch, Cash Converter has a more visual appeal but the hands are not as clean as the TT method.  Perhaps a combination of these 2 methods will have a better appeal to your spectators.  Do the Cash Converter first, then do the TT method and finally give it away….anyway, that’s just a thought.

I like Cash Converter (not the shop as they tried to fleece me haha) and its kinda fun performing such effects.  You’d need to have some practice in order for it to look good, otherwise, you’d be fidgeting a lot.

Rating 8/10.  Recommended.