This effect is a ring through shoe laces as what the title suggest.  The ring has to be threaded through the opening of the lace and rest on the lace’s knot, with a shake of the leg, the ring penetrates the knot and rest on the loop of the lace.

The description on the DVD cover says that the effect is visual, convincing with full unlimited rotation.  I disagree with all these though.  Moreover, there are many mistakes in the production description which makes it funny, for e.g “you can borrow a ring of spectators”, “taken down and shook his head showlaces”. They should’ve got someone to check on these descriptions before releasing this product.  I can see a sticker with a serial number on the back of the DVD cover, this is probably to show the authenticity of the product.

When I put in the DVD, I had to sit though and watch the trailer twice as the DVD was made to show twice.  The trailer was rather confusing and I don’t know what was going on until almost at the end of the DVD where the more detailed part of the routine was shown.  Even with the more detailed part shown, I still don’t see this as a visual and convincing.  And I can see flies flying around his hands J  The whole DVD was rather boring to watch as everything was shown repeatedly.  Explanation was shown a few times and then shown again using different rings but with the same method.  This feels like they are just trying to fill the DVD to make it longer.

Gimmicks included are meant for flat shoe laces and I think it won’t work for shoe laces that are round.  You can probably find a replacement gimmick if you use round laces.  Preparation of the gimmick is easy and simple.  Once you are set up, I doubt you can last.  I feel that you have to adjust the laces prior to every performance as the gimmick will be repositioned once you walk.

At US$24.95, I think this is overpriced.  I don’t think this should even be released as a standalone product.  It’ll probably be better as part of a multi-trick DVD or even in a magic magazine.

I’m sorry to say I’m not impressed by this trick.  Interlace by Richard Sanders would be a better choice.

Don’t bother.  Rating 4/10